Write For Us

Are you a vegan with a passion for writing? If you’ve been vegan for a long period of time and like to share your expertise with others, we’d love to have you write for us!


  1. This is for vegan bloggers and writers only. If you are selling something, this is not for you. If you have something valuable to offer, you can still send a pitch, but we’re not promoting products at the moment.
  2. The article should be unique and not re-posted anywhere else (including your site), informative, well written and have a minimum of 800 words.
  3. The article should be linked naturally to any of our blogs.
  4. short bio about yourself and links to your sites is a must.
  5. Original photos are highly appreciated.


  • Easy vegan recipes for busy vegans
  • Cheap vegan recipes for vegan students
  • Best vegan-friendly tourist spots in the Philippines
  • Anything related to veganism


We may need to make changes to your post to make it more appropriate for search engines and our audience. Vegan Pinay Life reserves the right to make revisions to the article or remove any links that it deems to be of no value.

We don’t offer compensation at the moment but you’ll get a do-follow link to your site. You can also use this as your portfolio because that’s what we do.

If you want to contribute and see your post in our blog, send a pitch! Submit a guest post! Write for us!