Vegan Options in Boracay Philippines

Boracay Island, located in the western part of the Philippines, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country. With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife, it’s no surprise that it has become a top vacation spot for travelers from all around the world. If you’re a vegan traveler heading to Boracay Island, you may be wondering what kind of vegan options are available. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the vegan options in Boracay Island and where you can find them.

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Vegan Options in Boracay

Station 1

  • Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar
    Situated at the northern end of White Beach, is home to Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar. This beloved spot is renowned for its selection of fresh fruit shakes and smoothies, perfect for refreshing your palate after a day of adventure. Vegan options like the luscious banana and peanut butter shake, mango shake, and creamy avocado shake are available, as well as fresh fruit bowls and salads.
  • Mayas
    Indulge in the flavorful ginataang gulay at Maya’s, offering a delicious vegan option packed with traditional Filipino flavors.
  • Ube Mama
    Don’t miss out on indulging in delightful vegan desserts at Ube Mama, offering a delectable selection of sweet treats to satisfy your cravings.

Station 2

  • Real Coffee and Tea Cafe
    Heading to Station 2, you’ll come across Real Coffee and Tea Cafe, a popular breakfast and brunch spot. They offer an enticing array of vegan choices, including a satisfying tofu scramble, delicious veggie burritos, and comforting oatmeal. Additionally, they serve up fresh fruit smoothies and locally sourced coffee to kickstart your day.
  • Spice Bird
    Also in Station 2, Spice Bird awaits in D’Mall, specializing in grilled chicken but still offering several vegan-friendly dishes. Delight in their vegan sisig, vegan adobo, and tofu skewers, all crafted from tofu, seitan, or mushrooms, and served with nourishing rice and vegetables.
  • Eri Curry
    Eri Curry, another D’Mall gem, treats you to the flavors of Japan with a variety of vegan options on their menu. Dive into vegetable curry, crispy vegetable tempura, and savory tofu steak, as well as an assortment of vegan sushi rolls that will surely satisfy your Japanese food cravings.
  • Kelana
    Indulge in the Bali veggie plate at Kelana, featuring the delicious urap dish that’s sure to impress your taste buds.
  • Nonie’s
    Venturing to Station 2, you’ll find Nonie’s, a restaurant that caters to both vegans and vegetarians. Their vegan menu features mouthwatering dishes such as mushroom adobo, fragrant vegetable curry, and flavorful tofu sisig, complemented by fresh salads and invigorating vegan smoothies.
  • Nigi Nigi Nu Noos
    Located right on the beachfront, Nigi Nigi Nu Noos beckons with a tempting vegan menu that includes vegetable curry, tofu sisig, and vegetable stir-fry, ensuring you can relish your meals with an awe-inspiring view of the sea. Their assortment of fresh fruit juices and vegan smoothies adds to the tropical dining experience.

Station 3

  • The Sunny Side Cafe
    For those staying in Station 3, The Sunny Side Cafe provides a wonderful breakfast experience with a vegan-friendly menu. Indulge in their delectable vegan pancakes, hearty vegan burritos, and flavorful tofu scramble. Accompany your meal with their selection of refreshing vegan smoothies and fresh fruit juices. Treat yourself to the flavorful vegan chori burger, providing a satisfying twist on a classic favorite.
  • Aplaya
    Don’t miss the chance to try the delicious vegan pizza at Aplaya, offering a mouthwatering option for pizza lovers seeking plant-based alternatives.
  • Little Taj
    Dive into the rich flavors of veggie biryani, chana masala, and dosa at Little Taj, offering a taste of Indian cuisine in Boracay.

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Boracay Island emerges as a true haven for vegan travelers, offering a diverse array of restaurants and cafes with delectable plant-based options. Whether you’re yearning for Filipino, Japanese, Spanish, or American cuisine, you’re bound to find a restaurant that caters to your preferences. Researching and planning your vegan trip to the Philippines will ensure a seamless dining experience during your trip, allowing you to fully savor the island’s breathtaking scenery while relishing in its delicious vegan offerings.

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