4 Benefits of Vegan Skincare

Have you ever bought a bottle of shower gel and seen that squiggly sunflower symbol on the label? It’s usually insignificant, but the meaning is enormous. It’s a meaningful doodle that indicates you’re taking small steps to save the earth.

It is the single most significant thing that an individual can do to combat climate change is to stop eating animals.

Veganism is a force to be reckoned with.

What is Vegan Skincare?

Vegan skincare means that no animal ingredients, including animal by-products, are used in the manufacturing process. The difference with “cruelty-free” is that a product may be made without animals but still contain ingredients like milk or honey.

You may mistakenly believe that all skincare products are vegan. After all, what animal products do you need for your daily cleansing routine? On the other hand, you may be surprised at how many animal products there are. There are shampoos, toothpaste, creams, and toners. It’s not always easy to stay away from these things, especially if you’re unaware. 

Why is vegan skincare better?

Vegan skincare isn’t only better for animals. It’s also better for you. Vegan skincare has several hidden benefits that leave you feeling fresh as a daisy.

1. Good news for animals

Vegan skincare products are better for animals. Although it’s unlikely that vegan products have been tested on animals, you should ensure that you choose vegan and animal-free products. In that way, you can be sure that no animals were used to develop or test the product. You can use your favorite skincare products with a clear conscience, knowing that you’re helping make the world a safer place for animals.

2. Your skin will appreciate it

Vegan products aren’t only better for animals and your hair and complexion. Much of what we put on our skin is absorbed by our bodies – a little-known truth. If the thought of rubbing uric acid (which comes from cows) into your pores doesn’t make you cringe (or should we say fester), know that the alternatives are much gentler and better for sensitive skin. Vegan skincare solutions are less likely to contain additives that irritate or aggravate the skin.

3. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins

Another benefit of vegan skincare products is that plant-derived substances often contain more vitamins. Not only that, but minerals, antioxidants, and natural oils help repair and maintain smooth skin. This preserves the look and texture of your skin.

4. Avoid causing harm to the ecosystem

It’s a well-known saying, but nature occasionally knows better. It’s only fair that we give back to her after she’s taken such good care of us. The best vegan products are organic and all-natural. This means they don’t harm the environment after use because they break down into harmless components and are recycled by the ecosystem.

Reusable ingredients are a great way to put the cherry on the cake. Products like our coffee scrubs, moisturizers, and cleansers help keep materials out of landfills and give you a deep glow and the satisfaction of knowing the earth is a little better off.

What ingredients in vegan skincare should I avoid?

Most skincare ingredients can be either plant-based or animal-based. Animal ingredients are more likely to be utilized because they require less processing unless otherwise specified. Biotin, cetyl alcohol, keratin and gelatin are just a few of the most common ingredients to avoid. The latter is used in most gel-based products and is synonymous with animal bones. However, there are various other options, including algae (agar) and Irish moss.

Lanolin (from sheep’s wool), shellac (from lacquer bugs), guanine (fish scales), glycerin (from animal fats) and beeswax are among the non-vegan skincare ingredients to avoid.

Many products, while nominally vegan, aren’t free of animal cruelty, as mentioned earlier. That’s, they’ve been tested on animals. Therefore, labels on packaging that say “100% vegan” can be deceptive. Looking for brands that have been certified by cruelty-free groups is the safest bet. That means they’ve been tested with a fine-tooth comb and found to be flawless – just like you.

The future seems promising.

Ten years ago, if you’d mouthed the word “vegan,” you’d have received various confused and dismissive reactions. Luckily, the benefits of veganism are becoming more evident every day. The sun is just rising on a natural, cruelty-free world as people become more socially and health-conscious.

Flower power, that’s for sure.

Why Choose Vegan Skincare?

Plant-based alternatives should be a go-to option for anyone who is vegan, avoids animal products, or is simply concerned about their environmental impact.

When sourced responsibly and mindfully, plant ingredients may significantly influence communities and habitats both locally and worldwide.

Because of these benefits, veganism will continue to rise in popularity. At their most basic, synthetic components benefit laboratories, chemists, and the large corporations that manufacture them.

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